Workshops are two and a half hours long specialized training sessions focused on best practices to improve processes, people and technology. They are designed to give in-depth training on specific topics to help you take the next step in achieving true safety leadership.

All workshops take place on Tuesday, November 5. Workshop details are being planned. Stay tuned for continuous updates...

Making Safety Visual: 10 Proven Strategies for Building Safety Culture 

Workshop Session, Tuesday, November 5
9:00 am - 11:30 am
Room: TBA

Safety professionals everywhere are looking for more effective ways to engage their employees and get them focused on safety. Attention spans are shorter than ever. Employees are stressed and distracted and more interested in checking their smartphones than listening to you. YouTube and Instagram have everyone hooked on short, concise visual bursts. Visual communication is the “secret weapon” that can help you capture (and keep) your employees’ attention.

In this lively, interactive workshop, you will learn:
  • Why your employees aren’t hearing you and what you can do about it
  • 10 proven strategies to integrate visual communication into your safety program

Through a series of hands-on exercises you’ll learn how to apply these strategies in your workplace. Together we will build a blueprint for introducing visual communication.  It’ll include clarifying your objectives, understanding your audience and demographics, identifying roadblocks, examining your communication channels, identifying feedback opportunities, accessing affordable ways to make communication visual, and much more. The roundtable format will enable you to collaborate with your peers throughout the session.


Carolyn Voelkening

Carolyn Voelkening has been moving the needle in audience engagement for nearly 20 years. As a digital content strategist, she has worked with safety professionals, HR departments, marketing specialists and journalists to craft effective messaging that engages employees and audiences. Currently, Carolyn is the Chief Content Officer at Marlin, where she leads a team of strategists, writers and designers in creating impactful, relevant safety content for the workplace.

Anna Nieman

Anna Nieman is an OSHA-certified digital communications professional with over fifteen-year experience translating complex industrial and safety topics into compelling visuals. As Director of Content Development at Marlin, she applies her extensive research expertise and digital media knowledge to develop Marlin's unique solution for effective employee messaging. Anna holds a graduate degree in film studies.

Jude Carter

Jude Carter is the Vice President of Marketing for Marlin, a workplace digital signage company serving thousands of companies in the US and Canada. With over 30 years of experience, she has developed marketing and communication strategies for Fortune 500 companies such as Fidelity, Aetna, adidas and Prudential.  An expert in workplace digital signage and visual communication, Jude has spoken at industry associations throughout the US and Canada, including DSE, VPPPA, Waste Expo and many long-term care association conferences.  She is a dynamic speaker and program facilitator.

Human Robot Collaboration - Safety Requirements
Working Safe while Optimizing Production 

Workshop Session, Tuesday, November 5
9:00 am - 11:30 am
Room: TBA

The key to a safe human robot collaboration (HRC) application is to identify exposure hazards and adequately safeguard the robotic system.  This is the goal of an HRC risk assessment.  Some aspects of an HRC risk assessment are unique from other industrial machinery; for one,  the operator is exposed to robot motion.  Once the risks are addressed through protective measures, the system must be validated.  Validation is the act of confirming that the protective measures on the actual system are effective in providing protection.  For force limited HRC applications, this requires measurements of forces and contact pressures.  This workshop will discuss both risk assessment and validation of HRC systems. A robot arm and the force measurement tool will be on display for hands-on demonstrations. 


Elena G. Dominguez, PE, CMSE

Elena Dominguez has over 25 years of prior experience in robotic integration and over 20 years on US and International robot safety standards subcommittees. Elena has been working for Pilz Automation Safety since 2007.