I. David Daniels MHRM, CSD, VPS, CFO, HSO

ID2 Solutions, LLC


I. David Daniels is an experienced public sector safety professional, President and CEO of a workplace safety consulting firm, ID2 Solutions, LLC. Over the past year alone he has worked with a number of primarily public sector organizations including the Black Chief Officers’ Committee, Blacks in Government, Carl Holmes Executive Development Institute, College Park (GA) Fire Department, International Association of Fire Service Instructors, National Fire Protection Association, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association Safety Committee, Virginia Department of Labor and Industries and the Virginia Professorial Firefighters Association.

Among his professional career highlights was his role as Executive Director of Workforce Safety in the Office of the Atlanta (GA) Mayor. Atlanta is the only city in the United States know to have placed a safety executive position in the Office of the Mayor.

Daniels holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fire Services Administration and a Master’s in Human Resources Management Degree. He also completed the Senior Executives in State and Local Government program at Harvard University. He is certified as a Safety Director, Safety Auditor, Violence Prevention Specialist, Emergency Management Specialist, and a Safety and Health Specialist.

Daniels has been a thought leader and active participant in over 20 boards, committees, task forces, and commissions; and remains active in several safety focused activities and organizations. He is a delegate with the National Safety Council (NSC) and chair of the NSC’s Government and Public-Sector Division. He serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) Safety, Health, and Survival Section; and chairs the IAFC’s Bullying, Harassment and Violence Prevention Task Group. He is an affiliate of the Workplace Bullying Institute, a member of the World Future Society and International Association of Safety Professionals.


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