Patrick Cunningham

Director, Safety & Auditing


Patrick (Pat) Cunningham has been working in the safety profession for over 25 years, since completing his master’s degree in Safety Management from the University of Wisconsin – Stout. He holds a BA in Social Psychology from the University of Minnesota – which he’s found quite useful since the introduction of behavior based safety some years ago. Pat’s employment background includes working as the corporate safety director of Xcel Energy, the 10th largest electric utility in the U.S. During this time, Pat was responsible for establishing behavior-based safety metrics & creating the first-ever Contractor Safety Department. He is now the Director of Safety and Auditing Services for BROWZ - which is a premiere international contractor qualification service provider. Pat’s industry support: he’s a delegate of the National Safety Council, his company’s Safety Representative for the Campbell Institute & a member of Education Committee for the National VPPPA. Pat is an alumnus member of the Sacred Purpose - which is a National Safety Committee for Theta Chi Fraternity.


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