Full Name
Dr. Leticia Heshmat
Job Title
Director - Employee Health and Occupational Medicine
Speaker Bio
Dr. Letitia Heshmat has extensive training in the treatment of myofascial injuries and managing clinics using non-invasive pain management modalities throughout the Bay Area. Letitia took her expertise to Stanford University to manage the Occupational Health clinics for both Stanford and SLAC Occupational health centers where she furthered her experience in the workers’ compensation arena but also gained a tremendous amount of experience in onsite employee health, environmental health and safety programs, OSHA regulations, compliance, implementation of preventative injury programs and really was able to understand what employers desire with regards to the management of their health and safety metrics, and management. Letitia also lead a team of health and safety, risk management, privacy and security personnel in the selection of an Enterprise wide software system to manage health and safety during her time at Stanford and quickly became an expert in Occupational health specific electronic health record options an capabilities. Letitia decided to get back to her entrepreneurial roots in 2017 and bring her vision to life in work health solutions, Mobile-med, On-site and Near-site.