Work to Zero: Leveraging Emerging Technology to Eliminate Workplace Serious Injuries and Fatalities
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 11, 2020, 3:15 PM - 4:15 PM
Emily Whitcomb

In 2018, over 5,200 families lost a loved one in a workplace incident in the United States alone. As a response to the stagnant trend in workplace fatalities, the National Safety Council Work to Zero initiative aims to make workplace deaths a thing of the past. This effort, which brings together EHS insight, the latest available data, and the knowledge of an unparalleled network of EHS and technology leaders and practitioners, seeks to identify the most promising innovations for eliminating workplace fatalities. Starting from a sea of possible solutions – augmented and virtual reality, drones, machine learning, sensors and wearables, robots and co-bots – this session will provide grounding in the intersection of EHS and technology. From there, we will share the research results and practical insights that point toward which technologies we believe will have the most impact in getting to zero, including a review of feasibility, scalability, barriers and potential impact of solutions.

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